Le Chatillon offers only fresh products and daily dishes made from the catch of the day. Our arrivals are dependent on the weather. Also discover the specialties of the bar ! This is only part of our map.
Many other choices are available.

Single menu at 28.90 €

Starter + Main course + cheese OR dessert
(All our fish are served boneless)

Due to the upsurge in bad debts, we do not accept payment by check.


Homemade whelks, mayonnaise (Manche)
starter of the day
Boulonnaise plate
Smoked salmon, fillet of herring, lisette, smoked mackerel and toast
6 fresh home-cooked langoustines with mayonnaise
+ 4.00 €
Lisettes marinated in Dieppoise (Boulogne)
Small mackerel
artisanal gray shrimp croquette
Homemade chicken liver terrine
Pork, veal
Boneless fish fritters
Rouille sauce
Red Label Prawns Plate
With mayonnaise
Traditional smoked salmon and toast
5 Oysters n ° 3 + Superior Ostra Régal Family Boutrais
+ 5.00 €
Sea food
3 langoustines, 3 oysters n ° 3 + Superior Ostra Régal, 3 Red Label prawns, 100g whelks (+ 8.00 €)

Main courses

Skate wing with butter or Normandy cream
Boneless fish fritters, rust sauce or gray shrimp croquettes
fries, salad
Salad From The Sea
Raw vegetables, marinated boneless fish cooked served cold
Boulonnaise plate
Smoked salmon, fillet of herring, lisette, smoked mackerel), fries
today's special
Italian tuna tartare (pesto, parmesan), fries, salad
Grilled boneless salmon
Rust sauce, seasonal vegetables, starch of the day
Parrillada of boneless fish and shellfish
Marinated in garlic and olive oil, roasted in the oven, saffron rice
The St Jacques de Boulogne
depending on arrivals
Sole meunière, vegetables or fries
depending on arrivals
Fillet (250g) of boneless turbot with Hollandaise sauce
+ 8.00 €
Sea food
6 langoustines, 6 oysters, 6 Label Rouge prawns, 200g whelks (+ € 15.00)
The Max fish: the homemade Boulonnais burger
Artisan bread, Perlon gurnard or boneless redfish breaded with cereals and peanuts, tarragon mayonnaise, Wimereux foam cream, fries
Entrecote 300g (France)
Pepper sauce, cheese or plain sauce, fries


Our dessert menu will be offered to you at the end of the meal.

Almond and poached pear treat with chocolate sauce

Seafood platter

Seafood platters must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

Seafood platter

photo-plateau-fruits-mer.jpgComposition of the board

1/2 crab + claws
4 Langoustines
6 Label Rouge prawns
Grey shrimp
5 Oysters n ° 2


Served until 11:00 a.m.

French breakfast
1 large hot drink - 1/3 baguette + butter + jam - 1 fresh orange juice squeezed per minute - 1 pastry
English breakfast
2 fried eggs + grilled bacon + sausage + salad - Toasts + butter - 1 fresh orange juice squeezed per minute - 1 large hot drink (coffee, tea or chocolate)
Boulonnais breakfast
The Boulonnaise plate (made up of smoked fish in Boulogne sur mer) - Pepper mackerel - Marinated lisette - Sweet herring fillets - Smoked salmon - 1 glass of white wine or freshly squeezed orange juice - 1/3 baguette + butter + jam - 1 pastry - 1 hot drink (coffee, tea or chocolate)

Or, simply until 11:00 a.m.

The Boulonnaise plate alone
Smoked sweet herring fillets on oil apple
Oysters from Normandy x 6
Oysters from Normandy x 9
Oysters from Normandy x 12
Portion of fries
Fried egg
Croissant or pain au chocolat

Brasserie menu

Salad From The Sea
Raw vegetables, marinated boneless fish cooked served cold
Italian salad
Salad, fresh and sundried tomatoes, diced marinated roasted chicken
Small marinated mackerels, cooked in white wine and herbs
Sweet herring fillets
Old fashioned, apples in oil
Boulonnaise plate
Smoked salmon, fillet of herring, lisette, smoked mackerel
Smoked salmon, toast
Homemade boneless fish fritters
Rouille sauce, fries and salad
3 fried eggs
Breakfast, fries and salad
Grilled bacon, 2 fried eggs, sausage
Ham or Sausage or Merguez
With fries and salad
Chopped steak
With fries and salad
Plain omelet, fries and salad
Ham, cheese, onions supplement (0.80 € more per ingredient)
Plate of French fries

Kids menu : 11 €

Fish fritters / fries
Minced steak / fries
Sausages / fries
Mussels (depending on availability) / fries
Child dessert