All dishes are identical to those in the restaurant


Farmer’s salad (roast chicken, crudités, dried tomatoes, pesto, parmesan)
Seafood salad (crudités, cold boneless fried fish, mayonnaise and vinaigrette on the side


Starter of the day
Marinated Dieppe-style young mackerel (Boulogne)
Whelks with mayonnaise
Traditionally prepared herring filets with oiled potatoes
Boulogne platter (smoked salmon, young mackerel, herring filet, smoked mackerel) and toast


Hot dishes served with chips, rice or vegetables
Boneless fish filet of the day with sauce
Skate in melted butter or Normandy cream
Parillada: 3 boneless fish and crustaceans, marinated in garlic and olive oil
Piece of beef (with maître d’hôtel butter, peppercorn sauce or plain)
Grilled salmon with rouille mayonnaise sauce
Fish fritters (boneless with rouille mayonnaise sauce)


Coca Cola, Perrier water, beer, Orangina, Ice tea, small water, Oasis


Chocolate mousse
Apple tart
Fresh fruit salad with a molten chocolate cake


Set menus

€11,70 €13,50 €16
Large salad of your choice Large salad of your choice Hot dishes
Beverage Cheese Beverage
Dessert Beverage Dessert



€17,20 €17 €18,20
Hot dishes Starter Starter
Cheese Hot dishes Hot dishes
Beverage Dessert Dessert
Dessert Beverage