Restaurant Le Chatillon au coeur de Capécure

The Le Chatillon restaurant and its history

When one walks through the doors of Le Chatillon, one immediately feels immersed deep within the Capécure and the tide. It’s a scene of Boulogne life which is played every day. The welcome is warm, and the décor invites guests to jump aboard: a porthole, sails hung from the ceiling, a rudder... Everything is reminiscent of the interior of a trawler.

Created in 1950, at the heart of the Capécure site in Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Le Chatillon restaurant allowed sailors and dockers, who were very numerous at the time, to enjoy hot meals and drinks.

Le Chatillon is today frequented by sailors, dockers, wholesale fish merchants and filleters from Boulogne and elsewhere. However, the maritime experts are not the only ones to visit this reputable establishment. Everyone sits at their tables at Le Chatillon, in a convivial atmosphere, where fresh seafood rules: 98% of the dishes are fish-based. High-quality fish selected by the owner, Mr. Baude, who was a fishmonger for 35 years. As soon as they are unloaded, the fish and shellfish find themselves at Le Chatillon to delight everyone’s tastebuds.


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